Transform Your Life Through Your Twelve Spiritual Powers

Each person has been created with twelve powerful spiritual qualities. When you understand more about these unique qualities and how to activate them, and begin to put them to work, you will know a sense of joy and completeness beyond what you have believed possible. These twelve powers make up your own spiritual nature and, through the guidance of Christ, move us into this more abundant life. These powers are your divine inheritance as a child of God.

Understanding these twelve powers and how they function will enable you to discover and bring into practical use the divine nature that God has implanted within your very being. We can’t play beautiful music with just one note. Likewise, we can’t be all that we are capable of being with just one or even a few of these powers of our soul functioning properly.

This book will teach you how to understand and activate each of these twelve powers and to direct them for your benefit and the benefit of all humanity. You will be amazed by the results.

God’s Twelve Gifts to You includes an introduction to the Twelve Powers; chapters on Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Enthusiasm, Renunciation, and Life; and a powerful twenty-page bonus section, “Affirming the Twelve Powers,” for personal spiritual treatments or use as responsive readings in a group.

Softcover, 168 pages. 5-1/14 x 7-3/4. $14.95 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.

Transform Your Life Through the Inspired Words of the Bible

The Bible records literal, historical events, but throughout this sacred text is an allegorical, or metaphysical, meaning that can open our minds to wonderful possibilities.

Metaphysical interpretation of the Bible goes back to the New Testament itself. Jesus gave allegorical interpretations to some of His own teachings. St. Paul also noted scriptures that were to be interpreted both literally and figuratively.

Early church leaders, such as Origen, believed in the spiritual interpretation of Bible passages. In the twentieth century, noted author and minister Dr. Emmet Fox suggested that we write on our Bibles, “This means me!” He knew, as did many others, that the characters and stories in the Bible have a metaphysical meaning that can help us live positive, constructive lives.

This book opens the doors and windows to a brighter, clearer understanding of the Bible. Allow your mind to see the beautiful possibilities that scripture can bring into your life. Take it personally. Know that the Bible can transform your life and bring you joy, peace, prosperity, and health—when you let its inspired words speak to you.

Softcover, 262 pages. 51/14 x 73/4. $15.95 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.

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